Crowded parking lot at Walmart

Image courtesy of: theogeo @ flickr

Think about the crowded parking lot at Walmart. How far away is too far away to go for a parking spot? 100 yards, 200 yards, a quarter mile? If it’s a busy day and the lot is packed like it will be during the holiday season, you could conceivably walk that far from your car to the store entrance.

Now consider the parking situation in downtown Wausau. How far away is to far to park to get to your favorite store. If the spot in front of the store is filled, you may need to park around the corner or maybe a half to a full block away.

Which is worse, trying to walk through that slush filled Walmart parking lot, dodging cars and shopping carts, or instead walking along the sidewalks of downtown Wausau. Don’t know about you, but I’d take the downtown walk any day.

There is common misconception that parking is at a premium downtown. That may be the case during a major event or festival, but often times a good parking space is only around the corner or a half block away. Forget the chaos of the big box parking lot and take a trip downtown for convenient parking and clean sidewalks.