When the weather gets cold and snowy we tend to not want to put any time into properly maintaining our vehicles. But who can blame you, when the days are short and the cold wind blows, the last thing I want to do is to hold a metal wrench and dig around under the hood in the dark. But this time of year its important that we don’t neglect key parts of regular auto maintenance. Butch Raasch, of Raasch’s American Car Care Center in Weston has these important tips:

Check your tire pressure. As the temps get colder, air pressure in your tire drops. Properly inflated tires will grip and handle better in snowy conditions, so make sure your tire pressure is in the recommended range for your tires. Hint, operating tire pressure is usually printed on a tag inside the driver’s door frame.

Keep the gas tank at least half full. As you run down the gas in your tank below the 1/4 full mark, condensation and moisture can collect, causing the fuel line to ice up. Keep your fuel tank at the 1/2 mark in cold weather to prevent this risk. Also throwing in the occasional bottle of Iso-Heet fuel line de icer is good preventative measure for fuel line icing.

Check your wiper blades. Windshield wiper blades take a real beating in the winter time. Cold air and ice cause the blades to loose their effectiveness easily. If the blades are frozen to the window, run the defroster to warm up the windshield and melt the ice. Trying to use frozen blades may cause them to rip or tear, or worse damage the wiper mechanism.

Raaaschs American Car Care CenterRaasch’s American Car Care Center on 2915 Schofield Ave in Weston is ready and available to help with all your winter auto service needs. From simple oil changes and wiper blade replacements, to new tires, shocks and brakes; Raasch’s is a full service auto center staffed with ASE certified mechanics. Call 715-359-1000 to set up an appointment and tell them you saw their ad on RelyLocal.