Lonely Bike Rack at the Redeye Brewing Company

Lonely bike rack at the Redeye Brewing Company

I don’t know how many people ride their bikes all winter in Wausau. But this morning when dropping the kids off at school, I saw two people on bikes plowing through the 4 inches of fresh snow we received overnight. As an avid rider, I usually put the bikes up for the winter, but seeing so many people out navigating the snow gives me a renewed interest in keeping the riding up even during the coldest months on the year.

If you are an all winter biker, you probably already know what works to keep you warm and safe while riding. Otherwise, here is a great post on dane101.com titled BIY: Bike Through Winter:

4. Traction: Conventional wisdom on tires in the winter is varied. Some people prefer slick tires to cut through snow to pavement, others swear by big knobby mountain bike tires. I’ve settled into a having a studded mountain bike tire on the front wheel and a regular mountain bike tire on the back. The studs keep me from slipping on ice, and unless the snow is really deep, the mountain bike tread can handle it. I biked for many winter without a studded tire, though, and plenty of people don’t use them.

My personal comfort level keeps me off the roads directly after a significant snowfall or when the roads are particularly icy. Mostly, I do this because I do not trust auto drivers to control their vehicles in these conditions. I’ll walk, take the bus, or stay home. Everyone has to make that call for themselves.