New Year's 2011 Goals

Image Courtesy of Herman Miller Lifework

The new year always brings in a bevy of new year’s resolutions. Just as we literally flip over the calendar for a new year, we also want to turn over a new leaf and begin the new year on the right step. The popular theme in the media for the beginning of January is “A New Year: A New You.” Sometimes the resolutions stick, but many times the new resolutions peter out and we are left back falling back into our old habits by mid February.

Maybe instead of calling things resolutions, we should instead draft a list of goals. Its easy to say I want to lose weight in the coming year. But without an achievable and concrete goal, we are left struggling to stay on track. A better way to phrase our new year’s goal would be: I want to lose 10 pounds by March 1. Now we have something that is both concrete and achievable. As long as we can keep our sights on the end result, we will be successful.

As I put together my list of goals for the new year, they will certainly be achievable, measurable, and have a timeline. My first goal of the new year: write in this blog every day, five times a week. I know it will be hard at times, but doing so will sharpen my craft and push me along towards a successful 2011.

What are your goals for the coming year? Please feel free to share them in the comments section.