This Friday you will see a major change to the RelyLocal online directory. RelyLocal version 2.0, the first major redesign on the directory will be unveiled to the public. This redesign will not only make the site look better, but also have some significant improvements for users and the business members listed.

  • Relylocal v2.0 Preview screen buylocal wausauNew user interface: RelyLocal 2.0 will now sport a new easy to navigate main page featuring the theme “Discover, Save, Connect.” Featured businesses and categories will be  prominently displayed on the main page.
  • Increased search engine optimization. The new directory will be easier to search and get indexed by Google for better results.
  • A new coupon format will be rolled out with the new directory. The new coupons will now be featured on the main page and we will be able to track how many times a coupon is printed.
  • The new directory features an events calendar. Business members and the community will be able to submit events to the calendar.
  • Businesses can be featured on the main page of the site. In addition to the banner advertising that is available, the ‘main page’ business features will give you more exposure online.
  • Community connections feature will help bring together businesses and the community to build relationships and educate on the importance of buying local.

RelyLocal is now in over 250 communities nationwide. With the rolling out of the new directory, each community will be able to custom tailor the content for their purposes. This means that even though RelyLocal is available nationwide, each directory site will have the flavor of their local communities. I’m really excited about the new look of RelyLocal and I’m sure you will be pleased without he results. Stay tuned for the big Friday rollout.