For the past two weeks I’ve been watching the Robin build a nest on our front porch. The wet, windy weather hasn’t been conducive to nest building, so every time he got a nest started, it would blow away. This process went on for about two weeks. Last weekend the robin was able to build a nest and make it stick on the column on our front porch.

Robin nest relylocal wausauThe nest was completed on Monday. Tuesday a female robin came by and nested for a few hours. Today the male is back in the nest doing his job. Today I saw the robin was off the nest, so I took the opportunity to stick the camera up in there to get a quick picture of the eggs.

Robin nest eggs relylocal wausauIt looks like there are two very nice, blue robin eggs in the. It will be fun watching them hatch and grow of the next few weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted on their growth progress and when they fledge.