Male robin searching for worms relylocal wausauThe baby robins on my front porch, being almost two weeks old, can hardly fit in the nest anymore. They also have a voracious appetite for worms. Two male robins are taking turns feeding them. The first robin will fly up to the nest and deposit a worm into their gaping mouths, and no sooner as he leaves, another robin swoops in with more worms. Thankfully with the rainy weather we had Sunday and Monday, worms are plentiful.

After the break is a photo collage of the feeding process of these growing birds. They aren’t going to last much longer in the nest; my guess is that the the robins will stop feeding them by Wednesday, forcing the babies to fledge and find their own worms.

Robin feeding big worm wausau relylocal

Worms go into the gaping babies robin mouths relylocal wausau

Baby robins are never satisfied

The best part of the robin nest is that the birds are very clean. A couple of years ago I had a mourning dove nest on the porch and that bird made a terrible nest. After every worm feeding the adult grabs the little pile of wast and flies it away. gladly there is no encrusted bird poop on my porch.

Robin feeding cleanup waste