Wausau WI networking network Founders BNI Business Network InternationalCertainly you may have seen the sign while driving down Thomas street on a Tuesday. BNI, or Business Network International is a networking group that meets every Tuesday at the Rose Garden. Networking groups are becoming increasingly popular as small businesses and business professionals are realizing the power of networking to grow their business. BNI provides a structured process to networking through giving and receiving referrals with the partners in the network.

If you wish to get involved with BNI and networking, you’re encouraged to visit a chapter meeting. Being a guest at a BNI meeting is the best way to experience the process and determine if the BNI method of networking is best for you. The Wausau Founders Chapter of BNI meets every Tuesday at 11:30 am at the Rose Garden in Wausau. Contact Michael Martens at (715)203-1240 or michaelmartens@relylocal.com if you would like to be a guest at the meeting.

There are two other BNI chapters in the Wausau area, TEAM Wausau and Rev’d for Referrals. Both meet on Wednesdays at 7:30am and 11:30:am respectively. Details on those chapters can be found on the BNI site.