The newest baby trend is coming to the Wausau area. Have you heard about Baby Gender Parties? Instead of being told the sex of your baby in the doctor’s office during the ultrasound exam, parents to be are taking a sealed envelope with the details to a cake baker to have a cake custom dyed blue or pink and then hidden with delicious fondut. Then all is revealed at a Baby Gender Party with invited friends and family.

According to WAOW Channel 9:

The Marshall’s enlisted the help of Loving Traditions Cakery baker Debbie Meier.  And Meier is a big part of their celebrations.  She even made their wedding cake.

“Everyone at the party is excited, Meier says.  “They can’t wait to see what’s there.  What’s the gender going to be?  When they’re cutting into the cake, it’s revealing the next step in their lives.”

You can get your own cake to deliver the news of the baby’s gender from Loving Traditions Cakery, LLC, a RelyLocal Wausau business member.