G&K Services interior painting wausau wi westonIt seems like painting the interior of your house only happens during major events, like when when the house if first built or you are getting ready to sell it. House painting shouldn’t be saved for major life events like this. Interior painting is one of the most affordable methods of remodeling a room in your house.

G&K Services of Wausau is a general contractor and handyman business that specializes in interior painting for your home. Ken’s attention to detail and customer service means he will do the job professionally and with quality workmanship.

Interior painting can be done at almost any time of the year, in fact wintertime is one of the best times to get your rooms painted for a fresh new look. In the winter, the humidity in the air is lower so paint will dry faster, allowing the job to be completed in a quicker amount of time. Plus today’s latex paints have less odor, so you don’t get that ‘paint smell’ like you used to when painting the inside of your house.

The best reason for choosing to paint in the winter is that painters don’t have the long waiting lists like they have in the summer months, so not only will you not have to wait for a contractor to get to your job, but they are more willing to do the smaller one and two room jobs.

Christmas time is fast approaching and a quality interior painting job will really spruce up the house for the holidays. Plus G&K Services offers gift certificates, so why not get some painting done for that hard to shop person that has everything.