Wausau Facebook consulting and educationBuilding organic traffic in Facebook can be a slow process and takes a bit of work. But the result will be a loyal and more engaged fan base. The key to building organic traffic is promoting yourself and your page all over Facebook. No one is going to come to your page unless they 1: know is exists, and 2: you offer compelling content.

I consult with businesses and teach classes on how to grow fans. Here are my top five tips on how to grow your own Facebook Business Page organically.

  1. Offer great content and post on your page at a consistent basis. Put out content like you have a 1000 fans reading, even though only 5 currently like the page. Active pages will get better placement in Facebook’s search results and the news feed. If you’ve got enough content, post 2 or three times a day. Otherwise use a posting schedule that allows you to offer great content on a consistent basis. Offer links, and photos and content that can be easily shared.
  2. Make your page inviting. Nobody wants to look at a bland page. Use the real estate Facebook gives you to build a nice profile picture (I like to change mine monthly). Also consider putting in a custom welcome screen. You can make one for free here: http://iframes.wildfireapp.com/
  3. Follow up on posts. If fans post replies or comments, be sure to follow up on them.
  4. Like other people’s posts. Like and follow the hot pages in your community, such as the local chamber, downtown association, tv, radio, newspapers, and local community groups. Be sure to follow your member businesses pages and like their posts. Key to doing this effectively is to like their page and then add it to your page’s favorites. Then, from your profile page, change to “Use page as ‘Your Business Page’s Name'” (located ion the upper right of the screen). Hit the Home button and you’ll see a news feed full your page’s followed posts. Go ahead and start liking and commenting.
  5. Share other people’s content. When a member business posts, share their content on your page. Use the @ tag in your comment. Then your share will show up on their page (bringing more traffic back to you) and they will know you shared.

Finally, monitor your page insights, see where fans are coming from, which posts are the most effective and which days and times of the day are best for posting. Make adjustments according to those results.

If you find these tips helpful and want to learn more about how to use Facebook for your businesses best advantage, contact me today for a free initial consultation or sign up for one of my Introductory Facebook for Business classes.