Red Clover Market Weston WI health food store organicRed Clover Market at 5009 Schofield Ave in Weston, WI features a wide selection of healthy, natural foods, organic food, fresh produce, meats and dairy, and a full line of vitamins and supplements. Fresh bread by Burich Bunch and Jojo’s Bakery is also delivered twice a week.

What makes Red Clover Market different is they work hard to supply fresh and frozen locally grown produce and meats. Instead of relying on a distribution system that transports food thousands of miles from farm to table, Red Clover Market’s meat and dairy often travels 100 miles or less. Most of the items are certified organic and sourced from a single farm, so you’ll really know where your food is coming from.

Vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements are in full stock at Red Clover Market. The market offers classes and seminars on healthy living with their dietary supplements. Follow the store on Facebook or pick up one of their monthly newsletters in the store to find when the next class is.