Wausau Riverfest whitewater park A little but crazy, a lotta bit fun; the 2nd annual Riverfest weekend is back at downtown Wausau’s whitewater canoe and kayak park. Hosted by the Wausau Kayak and Canoe Corporation, the festival offers a little fun on and off the water just prior to the summer racing season.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald:

RiverFest, which will be held Friday through Sunday, began last year in an effort to build an interest in whitewater kayaking and encourage local residents to lead an active lifestyle, said Ashley Knutson, a co-chairwoman for the event and board member for Wausau Whitewater. A nonprofit organization, Wausau Whitewater’s goal is to increase awareness and draw athletes to the sport of kayaking in the Wausau area.

Wausau whitewater park riverfest weekendSee kayak and canoe demonstrations, try out watercraft, watch the crazy hooligan race, and participate in a recreational water release on the course. Off the water there will be a 5K run/walk, entertainment, and food down at the whitewater park site. Friday evening Wausau Area Events will kick off the summer season with food, entertainment, and a movie at Oak Island Park (just south of whitewater park) at 9:00pm. If there ever was a weekend to stay home, this may be it.