Facebook schedule postsFacebook recently released a new feature for their business pages that now allow you to schedule posts. One the most desired feature of pages, you no longer need to use a third party app to schedule your posts; everything can now be done directly in the timeline.

You may ask why scheduling is so important? The big answer is that we are all busy and scheduling lets you drip out your content in a controlled fashion. If you’re like me, you can put all your posts in early in the morning and time them out to maximize engagement and viewership. Posts all bunched up during a short time period are less likely to be seen by the majority of your audience.

Facebook posting toolThe scheduling process is easy, at the lower left of your posting tool you will see a little clock. This is the schedule button. First, compose your post as you normally would. This includes adding any pictures, links or @ tags to the post.

Facebook schedule postsThen, click on the schedule clock icon. Select the Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute you want your post to appear. You can schedule any number of posts for up to six months in advance.

Facebook scheduleOnce your content is ready to be posted, and you’ve scheduled it out in advance, then press the schedule button. The post will disappear and a window confirming your post has been scheduled will appear.

Your scheduled posts can be previewed and edited in the Activity Log. This is located at the top of your business page. Click on the button labeled ‘Edit Page’ and select the link labeled ‘Use Activity Log.’

Scheduling your Facebook posts frees up your time so you don’t have to constantly have to babysit your page in order to get content out in a timely manner. But this doesn’t absolve you from monitoring your page and responding to comments and likes. Even though your posts are scheduled, you need to foster and grow your community’s engagement.

Good luck with scheduling your posts. If you ever in the need of social media consulting and Facebook training, RelyLocal Wausau will be glad to help you out.