Prospect Street Reconstruction wausauThe reconstruction on Prospect Street has taken on a familiar pattern. First the crews dig a big hole and lay some pipe. Then another person fills the hole back up again and ground is compacted by a machine that vibrates all the houses within a block. Lather, rinse, repeat. The process starts all over again in a Cool Hand Luke sort of way.

sewer pipes


compactorThis week was no different. Construction crews have been busy putting in water and sanitary sewer mains. The PVC sewer pipes lay down a lot faster than the concrete storm sewers they placed two weeks ago. Construction has been moving a steady pace despite the rains we received early in the week.

Prospect street riverThe rain put the construction to a halt as the roadway filled up with water. With over 2 inches of rain over a three day period, it didn’t take long for the construction zone to look like a river. Early mornings you’d hear the sump pumps as the crews drain the road bed before the construction day begins.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Can’t wait for all this underground stuff to end and the actual roadway to take shape.