Prospect Street graderIt felt like things were slowing down and getting a bit repetitive with the reconstruction on Prospect Street. Then I go on vacation, come back, and the the street is level and smooth. Yep, the underground work has finished up and the crew has moved up the street and started tearing up the road on the other side of the viaduct. That means our part of the neighborhood has quieted down, except for the odd dump truck bringing in gravel fill and grader leveling off things.

That all changed on Thursday when a flurry of cement trucks came barreling down the street before 8:00am. The engines in those trucks must be pretty powerful. What else would let those guys haul 50 tons of concrete mix and drive like a bat out of hell at the same time.

Curb machineThursday’s task was laying new concrete curb. The task is pretty automated. The cement truck lines up with the curb machine, drops it load and new, fresh curb comes out the other end. At a rate of about 10 feet a minute, it took them pretty much all day to curb the entire two block stretch. A little manual work is necessary at the start and ends of the line, but for the most part its a two man job.

laying curb on Prospect StreetAll that’s left is for the asphalt to come in and then new sidewalks and boulevards. After weeks of dirt piles and holes, it’s great to see the end in sight.

finished curb