Prospect street new sidewalkLast week Prospect street received curb and gutter and this week the street got NEW SIDEWALKS! Slowly the street and neighborhood and starting to look like normal. We’ve still got gravel and aggregate in the roadbed, but once the concrete dries, we’ll be able to stroll down our (almost) newly reconstructed section of street.

prospect street wausau pouring concrete sidewalk

smoothing out the new sidewalksProspect street is about ten blocks long. The entire reconstruction process is broken into thirds with crews moving from the south end of prospect to the north end. Currently the heavy machinery is busy in the middle section of the project and the few blocks north of that can only wait in anticipation for the day when the big loader starts to strip the blacktop off their part of the street. As for us on the south end, we’re waiting for the concrete to cure so that the asphalt guys can come in and lay some nice smooth blacktop.