Wausau little brown bug beetle pestThis week a “little brown bug” with red eyeballs and orange trim has invaded the city of Wausau. These bugs, some type of beetle, but I’m not sure of the actual species can be found sunning themselves on the sides of houses and other light colored buildings in the Wausau area. The bugs are swarming my neighbor’s white house, but they pretty much leave my red house alone, with the exception of a few bugs hanging on the white trim.

Wausau brown bugsThe bugs don’t seem to be pest and I’m sure our warm, dry fall fall weather has brought them out before a hard frost sends them away for another year. I would love to know more about these insects. If anyone knows anything about these bugs, please drop a note in the comments section.

Update: Thanks to an eagle-eyed Facebook follower, my bug mystery has been solved. These are Box Elder Bugs, or  Boisea trivittata. The bugs usually feast on Elder, Ash, or Maple trees and are known to swarm in the cooler months of the year. Typically they’ll nest and then come out inside the home when home heating season starts, creating a nuisance. But they aren’t otherwise classified as pests. A spray bottle filled with soapy water will safely eradicate Box Elder Bugs.

It’s been a wacky summer/fall so far this year, so the high amount of bugs this year really hasn’t surprised me.

Box Elder Bug Mystery Solved