Facebook is a great channel to connect with your friends and favorite topics of interests. But Facebook has also become a victim of its own success. With over one billion registered users and tens of millions of pages to choose from, you will never be able to consume all the content that is generated on the site on a daily basis. This creates a dilemma for Facebook and the average user.

In order for Facebook to make the content manageable, they’ve started throttling back posts. Posts from your favorite pages may not be showing up in your newsfeed. Or Facebook may decide what posts are important to you and juggle things around in your newsfeed. How can you stay on top of your favorite things when Facebook makes it so difficult.

Fortunately there are three things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will see your favorite content on a regular basis. Two are relatively easy, and the fourth takes a little bit of work. If you want to keep up with your favorite content, here’s what you need to do.

1. Sort your newsfeed by most recent

By default, Facebook is sorting your newsfeed by top stories. this is content that Facebook thinks that you will be interested in based on your friendships, interests, likes, and comments. If you want to  see everything in chronological order, change your sort order to Mos Recent. Take your mouse and click on Sort (its located right under your update status bar) and change the sort order to Most Recent. Now you have chronological order and will see more recent content. Facebook will keep changing it back every time you log in, so you have to be diligent on this.

2. Visit your favorite pages and Like and Comment on their content

If you like the content of a post you see in your newsfeed, by all means press the Like button and/or make a comment on the post. This helps the pages immensely in their standings in not only yours, but other’s newsfeeds. Facebook won’t know what content to show you unless you like the content. Also, regularly visit your favorite page’s wall and scroll down the feed. You’d be surprised at what content ‘falls through the cracks.’

3. Create an Interest List

All right, this third option will take a little bit of work, but the payoff is worth it. You’ve seen the posts that have been going around Facebook recently, telling people to create an interest list so that their content shows up. The post goes something like this:

For Facebook posts aren’t showing up in your feed, there’s a reason.

Here’s the deal: FB has begun to ask page administrators to pay to promote their pages, and if we don’t pay, then only 10% of page fans receive the updates we post here. If you’d like to stay in the loop as to what we’re doing:

1) Go to our FB page.
2) Hover your mouse over where it says “LIKED” and click on “Add to Interests Lists”
3) It’s suggested that you like or comment on posts every once in a while too – that should help!”

If you want to see our posts and announcements, follow the above directions to stay connected.

This post is correct in that only 10% of page content actually shows up in newsfeeds. But the instructions are too simplistic in how to create the Interest list. Interest lists will help you sort out your content, and if you make your list detailed enough, you could use it as a full replacement to your newsfeed. But that will take a little bit of work and effort on your part of sort out your favorite things. I like to use interest lists because I follow a lot of things and want to be able to sort out and view my favorite local businesses. So here’s how you can create your own Interest list.

1. Scroll down the left column of your newsfeed until you get to the heading titled Interests. You may need to click on the MORE button if the Interests are hidden. Under the Interests you’ll have Subscriptions and Add Interests. Click on Add Interests to start creating your list.

2. Name your list and then click on the Create List Button.

3. Lists can be made of people and pages. Today we’ll make a list of our favorite pages that we like to watch. You can use the Create new list tool to search for pages or you can have Facebook suggest pages to watch. I’m just going to scroll through the list of Pages that I already like and add them to my Interest List.

4. You add a page to your Interest List by clicking on the icon. A check mark will appear. Don’t worry if you add too many or not enough interests, you can always go back and edit the list, easily turning pages on or off. Click on the Next button to continue.

5. Now to finish up building the list, give it a name and tell Facebook if you want the list public or private. I’d probably make my list of friends private, but a public Interest List can be shared with the Facebook community, helping the pages on the list thrive and grow. Since the content on Pages is public anyways, there’s no reason why you can’t share it with others. You are almost finished, click on Done to continue.

6. Wow, my Local Love Interest List is finished, but now the link to view it shows up on the bottom of my screen, hidden from my view. Wouldn’t it be great if I could make my Interest List front and Center? Yep, you can, scroll down the page where the Interest List is located, hover your mouse just to the left of the list name and click on Add to Favorites. This will put the list up towards the top of the screen near your Newsfeed link.

7. That’s It! You’ve created an Interest List of your favorite things. Now whenever you feel like you’re missing something, you can click on your Interest List located below your newsfeed to be brought up to speed on your favorite pages. The nice things about Interest Lists is that you can create multiple lists, so you can group and organize your interests. It’s a powerful feature and helps you take to sips from the ‘firehose’ of content that our newsfeeds have become.

You may be asking yourself, what happens if I like a new page. How can I add that to my Interest List. Simple. When you visit a new page and press the Like button to add it to your newsfeed, take the second step to add it to your Interest List. Click on the little Gear button next to the Like Button and select the Interest List you wish to add the page to.

4. (Bonus) Subscribe to my Interest List

I’ve created an Interest list of my favorite Wausau Area local businesses. If you subscribe to my Interest list, then their content will automatically be shared with you. The great thing about subscribing to my list is that you don’t have to do any extra work, I’ll keep it updated and curated and filled with our great RelyLocal Wausau local business members. Subscribe to my list my clicking on the RelyLocal Wausau Local Love list.

Or, just visit the RelyLocal Wausau Facebook page (links are to the right of this post) and subscribe to the list.

I hope this post helps you out. Please leave a comment below if you’ve found this post useful.