Covenant Community Presbyterian Church of Weston has a tradition to make Christmas merrier for many local needy families. They will deliver the  makings of Christmas dinner, other nonperishable foods, and some gifts for the children. Though the years they delivered to some families where the only gifts for the children were what they brought. The church makes sure the children have the essentials of a warm warm winter coat, boots, hat, gloves, and snow pants. If not, the church will provide. Each child will receive a new pair of jeans, a sweatshirt or sweater, an done toy or craft item. They’ll also do a Family Activity Box that includes crayons, paper, flash cards, new/used puzzles, and new/used children’s books, or anything to keep active minds positive stimulated.

This annual tradition; dubbed Christmas Families has been supported by the community and members of Covenant Community Presbyterian Church for over 20 years. The economy has been challenging for all of us, but  if everyone just shared and gave a little bit, the financial burden would not fall heavily on a few and a Merry Christmas will be shared by all.

You can help the Christmas Families Program by:

  • Choose a gift item that you would like to buy for a child by taking the corresponding Heart off the giving tree, sign your name to the gift, buy the gift, wrap is and place the Heart on the outside so we know what is inside. Giving Tree Hearts are available at Covenant Community Presbyterian Church in Weston, or at the Resch Insurance Agency on 5503 Schofield Ave in Weston.

    Donations are accepted at the collection point located at Resch Insurance Agency on Schofield Ave in Weston

  • Choose a non-perishable food item and drop it off at the collection point located at Resch Insurance Agency in Schofield
  • Donate new and & used children’s books, puzzles, drawing items, crayons, coloring books, workbooks, drawing paper, colored paper, notebook paper, flash card, children’s videos, and anything that would keep a young mind active positively. Again these can be dropped off at the Resch Insurance Agency.
  • Collect Quality Foods IGA Holiday rewards stamps. If you don’t have enough to redeem for a free turkey, drop them off at the church and they will pool them for the free turkeys.
  • Of course monetary donations are also accepted. Write a check to Covenant Community Presbyterian Church designate ‘Christmas Families’ on the memo line. Drop it off at the church office.

Items will be wrapped and distributed on Saturday, December 15, 2012. Everyone is welcome to help in this project to help those that need it the most.