What were you reading on the Buy Local Wausau blog this past year? I took a look at our website stats and found the top 10 articles from 2012. It was an interesting mix, but I think it’s telling of our community and our interests. So let’s fire up the Way Back Machine and look at (in reverse order) the top 10 articles from the last year. (each story will open in a new window)


10. Facebook is hiding my favorite local business pages

Facebook is continuously makes seemingly random and arbitrary changes to their user interface. Their latest which hit in September of 2012 was to limit the amount of exposure that business pages posts had in a viewer’s newsfeed. Everyone trying to promote their business saw their reach drop and started to cry foul. Facebooks answer? Interest lists and promoted posts.

9. Wausau restaurant flashback: remember Bonanza?

Bonanza restaurant wausau steakhouseRemember Bonanza? If you were a child of the 80’s this spot was a great place to eat after a game or sporting event. The steak was mediocre, but the salad bar tremendous. A sign uncovered on the side of a building reopened all those old memories.

8. In praise of the Tom and Jerry

Technically this article was posted at the end of 2011, but it had legs and climbed to the top of the posts for this year. Along with most of the city, I love the Domino Bar’s Tom and Jerrys and this spot has become a new Christmas Day tradition.

7. Little Brown Bugs invade Wausau

Wausau little brown bug beetle pestBox Elder Bugs: I haven’t seen them around in ages, but for a couple of warm days last fall, they literally invaded the sides of my neighbor’s white house. They’re relatively harmless, but a nuisance none the less.




6. Red Clover Market, Weston’s natural food store

Red Clover Market opened last year, giving the residents of Weston a near by location to buy fresh organic produce, meats, and dairy; along with a wide variety of package goods and nutritional supplements.

5. Join Wausau’s first cash mob Saturday March 24

Cash mobs took the nation by storm in 2012. The Wausau area had two cash mobs, one in September, and our first one in March at The Planted Seed. Popular with participants and the stores alike, look for more cash mob type events in 2013.

4. Gunshots on Wausau’s east side, bullet hole found in house

Gunshots bullet holes prospect street wausauGun violence is at an all time high, but it’s something you may not think about until it literally hits close to home. This August that happened to us as domestic squabble ended with shots fired in the alley behind my house. Following up with neighbors and our neighborhood association, the incident was a domestic fight with the jilted women firing shots at her ex-boyfriend’s residence. Things have been pretty quiet since.

3. Wausau and Weston farmer markets open

Weston Farmers Market open Tuesday and SaturdayThe area farmer markets are very popular, with record attendance this past year. Every Saturday morning I head to the market, I’m assured that I will run into at least six people that I know. It’s great to see buying local turning into a social activity.

2. Steak shootout: buffalo vs grass fed beef taste test

bison and grass fed beef comparisonEver had Buffalo? How about grass fed beef? Both are similar in that they are high in Omega-3 nutrients and are a very lean form of protein. But how do they taste? I took that challenge. You may be surprised by the results.



1. Wausau and Weston area Halloween trick or Treating times

Top post of 2012 is Halloween trick or treating times. Back when I was a kid (my children know to run when they hear me start a story with that phrase) Halloween was on the 31st and ran all night long. Times now have changed. You never know if the city or village will have trick-or-treating on the weekend or the 31st. Or will you go out during the prescribed window of opportunity or instead head to one of the organized Halloween events instead. With all these choices and confusion, it’s no wonder people turn to the web to find their Halloween options.

There you have it, the top ten blog posts from 2012. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much I love writing it. What were your favorite articles of the last year? Feel free to comment and share your favorites.