Boy, Mother Nature sure likes to throw a curve ball. This week’s high temp of 44 degrees is going to drop by Friday to a frigid -13. Where else but Wisconsin will you find a 60 degree shift in temps in a three day period.

Business Member News

Are you looking for more? More customers, more visibility, more connections to the community? RelyLocal Wausau offers that with a Buy Local Campaign tailored for the Wausau Metro Area. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our growing grassroots effort to promote and support local business.


Wild Birds Unlimited

Birds need food, especially in the winter. Fill the feeders in your backyard, and you will be totally amazed at the number and variety of birds it will attract. Wild Birds Unlimited in Rib Mountain is holding their winter bird food stock up sale. Special prices on Seed and Suet now through February 18th.

Abby Bank

Wow, opening next is the brand new west side branch of Abby Bank. Located on the corner of Stewart and 18th Ave, the big bold new building near County Market and Shopko is hard to miss. Monday February 4th is the first day for their new branch, so head on over and check it out.

Spring into Life Chiropractic

Careful shoveling all that snow. The top layer may be light and fluffy, but heavy, wet snow lies underneath, and now the cold weather has turned everything to ice. All this can be disaster to your back and the rest of your body if you don’t take it easy. Dr. Travis Diederich wishes to remind you that If pain develops, don’t pop pills and hope it goes away; give him a call today.

Woodson Art Museum

It’s snow sculpture time again at the Woodson Art Museum. Head on down today and this weekend to see the museum’s most temporary work as Team USA Snow Sculpture return for the 23rd year to carve a special exhibit for the museum. Located in the museum’s sculpture garden.

Diamond H2O

Pure drinking water is now even more affordable. For a limited time, Diamond H2O in Weston has a half price special on their Microline RO system. We know you want purified water from your tap, so come and get it!

Wings- A Grief Ministry

Their Spring series begins Feb. 12, 2013. This group is open to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one regardless of the circumstances of death–and no matter how long it has been since your loss. We listen, teach, and share grief experiences. Getting back to life is not about forgetting, but rather about finding a way to go on without your loved one who died. More information…

Email newsletters

Did you know that 94% of Americans use email on a daily basis. (Makes you wonder what the other 6% do). Coming Monday, February 11 I’m offering a class in creating email newsletters for your business. Even if you use social media to connect with your audience, email is still valuable. I’m you’d agree since you’ve read this newsletter at least this far. Registration is through the UWMC Continuing Education department and details are on the blog.

Closing Thoughts

You may have noticed that this newsletter is a little later than normal. I had the most interesting evening Wednesday night and Thursday morning surveying the homeless population in the Wausau area. The good news is that while the winds were swirling and the temperatures dropping, we did not run into many people living on the streets, but the bad news is that we found many indicators and signs that there is a significant population of people that don’t have  a place to call home. Hopefully this survey will help our community get a handle on the issue. Opening Friday, the Community Warming Center downtown will help address that problem and give our homeless population a place to drop in when the outside temperatures make things uninhabitable.


Count your blessings and we’ll see you next week.