mandarin-fortuneAt a previous job, I had an immediate supervisor that loved to hear himself talk. It was micromanagement to the extreme; the guy would come into your office and talk, talk, talk, without ever really saying anything. The worst was when he would call you. If you picked up the phone you’d be guaranteed to be on the line with him for at least ten minutes. If you sent it to voice mail, he’d leave a message just as long.

I believe that a true sign of leadership is to listen more, and talk less. That’s why when I received this fortune cookie with lunch, the words really hit home.

Social media is the same way. The best social media community builders create engagement through conversation. Social media is a two way street; you need to listen to your fans and followers, respond, and nurture the conversation. Constant blasts of your message “Coming at ya…” does nothing to encourage communication.

Social Media automation can have the same result. Unless you monitor and respond to your core group of followers, linking your social channels to blast out messages won’t build credibility, respect, and trust. I’m not discounting automation completely, I use it myself to some extent. But each automated post is backed up with real time monitoring so that comments and inquiries can be handled within an appropriate timeframe.

Would you like to learn how to listen more and talk less? I’m available for consultation on your social media strategy.