Clarence-Naked-Darrow-2Social justice means that you often have to take on the hard side on an issue. Clarence Darrow was a trial lawyer that did just that. Often his clients were vilified in the press and hated by the vast majority of Americans. His clients were the poor and defenseless of our nation. He defended the murderers, the reviled and the abominable. He was their voice when no other voices dare rise in their defense. Darrow said, “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.”  Most famous was Darrow’s defense of a science teacher in 1920 during the “Scopes Monkey Trial.”

But Clarence Darrow was still a man, full of faults and warts himself. Gary Anderson delves into the character of Clarence Darrow in his one man show titled Naked Darrow which will be appearing in Wasuau on Friday – Sunday March 15 – 17, 2013 at the YWCA on 613 5th St, Wausau.

In this one man show, we get a provocative look at our most hated and revered attorney, Clarence Darrow as his great mind slips away.  Best known for defending teenage child killers and for defending science teacher John Scopes in the Scopes Monkey Trial, Darrow reveals his private life, his clients and cases, his personal demons, and his professional fearlessness.

Clarence-naked-darrow-1In a review by the Minneapolis City Pages weekly:

As a performer, Anderson has plenty of past experience with the character, having crafted an earlier piece (Clarence Darrow: The Search for Justice) on him that is presented around the country along with one about Darrow’s longtime friend and eventual Scopes foe, William Jennings Bryan.

For this piece, Anderson delved into the personal side of the character, exploring his complex, multi-faceted relationships as much as the famous defenses of murderers, trade unionists, and those caught up in early 20th-century American racism. The experience will be “eye opening, especially for those who may only know Darrow from Inherit the Wind,” Anderson says.

Naked Darrow premiered in Wausau last year to a large audience captivated by the Anderson’s animation and emotion as he brought Darrow to life. This year’s reprise of the show is area’s last chance to see Naked Darrow before the show embarks on its national debut this June off Broadway in New York City.

Shows are on Friday, 3/15 and Saturday 3/16 at 7:30, with a 3:00 matinee on Saturday 3/16 and Sunday, 3/11.  Tickets are $10 in advance, call 715-298-9250 or visit the River District Box Office at Art Books and Banter in Wausau during business hours. Ticket are also available for $15 at the door.

Naked Darrow
Friday March 15, 2013. 7:30pm
Saturday March 16, 2013. 3:00pm and 7:30pm
Sunday March 17, 2013. 3:00pm
Tickets $10 in advance ($15 at the door)

Wausau YWCA
613 North 5th St
Wausau, WI 54403