I hope you enjoyed your summer last weekend. With such beautiful weather, it was sure a shock to wake to 30 degree temperatures. At least we’re not getting the snow like the western part of the state. It’s bound to get warmer, it just has to.

Business Member News

You’ve talking these last couple of weeks about the Local Rewards Card, but you are probably wondering: where can I get one? Fortunately there is a list of retailers on the RelyLocal Wausau Site. Currently with seven retail sites (and many more on the way) this is the only discount card program that actually increases in value with each day. You too can start offering local rewards, contact michaelmartens@relylocal.com today to get started.

Jean Bean Soup Company

Please welcome our newest RelyLocal Wausau business member. Jean Bean Soup Company makes delicious, home-made soup. Jean Bean Soup is healthy food for busy families. All natural and local ingredients with no preservatives. Available frozen at the Planted Seed in Wausau. Read more about Jean Bean Soup Company. . .

Woodson Art Museum

Steamroller woodcut prints at Woodson Art Museum

Plan now to see Steamroller Printing! Rain or Shine in theWoodson Art Museum parking lot, Saturday, May 4, Noon-5 pm Food, music, and fun. Artist-in-residence Sherrie York leads the charge along with area students who will be making prints from their woodcuts.

Goin’ Postal Wausau

Mother’s Day (May 12, 2013) is fast approaching. FortunatelyGoin’ Postal can pack and ship your Mother’s Day gifts. And, you can add a greeting card to your gift for only $1. Stop in soon to ensure Mom receives her special gift by Mother’s Day.  We ship FedEx, Spee Dee Delivery, UPS, USPS and DHL.

Cinetarium Film Festival

Coming to Wausau is the First Annual Cinetarium International Film Festival. Independent Artists Pictures in cooperation with Distinctive Celebrations Event and Talent Agency of Wausau, WI. and Las Vegas, NV, today announced the organization thus establishing the Cinetarium International Film Festival to be held in Wausau, Wisconsin May 3rd to 5th, 2013. Held at the Plaza Hotel and Conference center, the festival will feature award winning independent films, locally produced films, panel discussions, and a vendor showcase. If you love the cinema, you’ll won’t want to miss this event. Full details at the Cinetarium website.

Wausau Bike Routes

Did you know that the Wausau Metro Area will be receiving new bike route signs and maps? Plus a new 26 mile loop and over 105 miles of bike friendly routes will be identified. Learn more on theBuy Local Wausau Blog:

Local Business Roundtable

The roundtable will be a week earlier this month. Since we couldn’t get the room on the 4th Thursday, we moved the date to Thursday May 16, 7:30-8:30am. This month we’ll feature guest presenter Darien Schaefer of the Wausau, Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau who will give us an update on tourism and how it benefits our local businesses and economy.

Reducing Risk with Credit Cards

In our continuing series on reducing your risk in accepting credit cards, Rick Montgomery of Northern Air Merchant Services talks about How Tokens Reduce Security Risk.

Tokenization reduces security risk by removing sensitive credit card data and replacing it with the tokens. When the first transaction with a particular credit card is performed through a merchant using a tokenization solution, the credit card number is sent to a tokenization vault. This vault then generates a unique token and maps it to the card number. Once this is done, the merchant does not need to present the credit card number again, and can use the unique card-based token instead for all business processes that would have been accomplished with the credit card. All subsequent transactions with that credit card will produce the exact same token, allowing merchants to track individual consumer spending behavior. Ala a new marketing tool! Well-designed tokens include a multitude of security features, and typically preserve the format of the original Personal Account Number (PAN) in order to minimize modifications to existing business systems and processes.

In the case of First Data’s TransArmor solution, the index table that relates the token value to the PAN exists only inside of the processor environment at First Data—there is no way that the TransArmor tokens can be reverse-engineered or algorithmically decoded to produce the PAN. This is achieved by using strong random-number generation processes to produce the first 12 digits and then combining that with the last four digits of the original PAN. The token then resembles the format of a card number without any of the financial value or risk.

Even if the tokens are stolen from the merchant’s environment, the thieves are going to be frustrated when they learn that the tokens are worthless.

Closing Thoughts

I really enjoyed the Wausau Regional Chamber’s Business Expo and PM last week. It was meeting with clients, community members, networking partners, and others as I wandered the aisles and socialized at the PM. You too can relive the fun, here’s a small photographic retrospective of the event.