Writing about Facebook tends to be a moving target. If there’s a feature you like, don’t worry it will change when you least expect it. If there’s something you hate about Facebook, they may fix the problem but won’t announce the change. But sometimes changes come along for the better and this is one of those better changes.

One common complaint of the Facebook is that all the content from pages you’ve Liked does not show up in the newsfeed. Because of the sheer quantity of content available, Facebook uses sophisticated algorithms to show you what it thinks is relevant and interesting to you. Even though it’s based on your previous likes and habits, this algorithm can still be imperfect.

Facebook has now rolled out a new feature where you can specify on a Page by Page basis on the level of updates you wish to receive. The ‘Updates’ control has three settings: Important Updates, Most Updates (default setting), and All Updates. Switching this settings control to All Updates for your favorite pages will assure that you’ll see all the updates that the page has published.

To adjust the settings, follow these step by step instructions:

  1. Go to the Business Page you wish to adjust settings for. Do that by either clicking on a post from that page or by typing the page’s name in the Facebook search bar.
  2. At the Page, hover your mouse over the Liked button. A drop down menu like in the image will appear. Click on the menu item titled settings.
  3. Once the settings menus appears, you’ll have three choices: All Updates, the default setting of Most Updates, and Only Important. Click on the All Updates setting for all page updates to appear in your newsfeed.
  4. At this point you can either click on ‘go back’ or click on the home link at the upper right of the Facebook Page to resume your Facebook viewing experience.

These settings aren’t global, you’ll need to make these changes on a page by page basis. But this will give you the opportunity to like a vast multitude of pages and then select the level of content control you’d wish to receive.