Driving around this week, I see that the trees are starting to change color. It’s like Mother Nature throws a switch and we are suddenly in autumn. But with our crazy weather patterns we’re having, will we see the vibrant burst of fall, or will it be a long, slow transition into the starkness of winter. I’m really enjoying the warmth, so I hope it lasts.

Business Member News

RelyLocal Wausau’s community campaign also stretches into direct mail. Our cooperative Deal-a-Rama postcard makes direct mail easy and affordable. Your businesses message will be delivered to 5,000 households in the Wausau/Weston/Rib Mountain area for only pennies per impression. Our next postcard will be mailed around October 16th. There is still time to get on board, so contact us today to reserve your spot. Details . . .

Auto Select

Buy 5 oil changes and your 6th oil change is free! You’re automatically enrolled, and we’ll email you reminders when your vehicle is due for an oil change. We’ll even notify you when it’s time for your free one. Oil changes performed on any vehicle in your household count toward the free one! Auto Select in Weston. . .

The Planted Seed

Clover-Meadows-milkClover Meadows Family Farm, located 6 miles north of Edgar, is a new dairy plant, licensed to process milk from their own 100% grass-fed cows. Clover Meadows is a biodynamic farm. The cows graze on only Non-GMO grasses. The milk is A1 beta casein free. If you have trouble digesting milk or are otherwise lactose intolerant, you may want to give Clover Meadows milk a try. Clover Meadows milk is available at The Planted Seed, LLC .Stop in to try a sample or ask questions!

Wild Birds Unlimited

Finally!! Our top selling/performing Christmas Suet is back!! Why do the birds seem to prefer it? Ingredients! Roasted peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, papaya and raisins all packed into rendered beef suet. Stop in today and give it a try!

Northstar Cleaning and Restoration

So the first week of fall has been quite seasonable, but it won’t be long before we seal up the house and kick on the furnace. Did you ever look down your heat register? Is it filled with dust and other goop? Imagine what will happen when you turn on your furnace. That stuff is going to start recirculating all over your house. Call Northstar Cleaning and Restoration to have your air ducts cleaned. You’ll breathe easier and your whole house will be cleaner as that dust won’t then resettle all over your furniture, floors, and other surfaces. Plus, if you have a RelyLocal Local Rewards card, you can save $100 off your next air duct cleaning project. Northstar Cleaning and Restoration. . .


Coming this Saturday downtown on the 400 block is the big Oktoberfest celebration. 35 Craft brewers from around the state will pair off with local restaurants for some great beer and food combinations. Be sure to look for Jean Bean Soup‘s Beer Cheese Soup and the delicious offerings from Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar.  You can buy tickets around town at Trigs, Red Eye Brewing Company, Bull Falls Brewery, Malarkey’s Pub, and the Wausau Events Offices located on Scott St.

Design Resumes

Again this week is some great job search advice from Julie of Design Resumes: Did your resume reach human resources or the employer? Some clients have told me that they have no clue if the resume actually made it through. My HR client looked at me and said, “You have to tell them to call if they are worried that the resume or online application might not have made it!” She went on to explain that many applicants are either afraid to call or just don’t call until the time limit is up for the application. Then when they call to check if it was received, it is too late. The followup call is always appreciated. Need more advice on your job search, give Julie a call today.


When I went to school many years ago, we were inundated with credit card offers. I can’t imagine it’s any harder for today’s student to fall into that credit trap. AbbyBank has some great tips for your new students to navigate the perils of credit:

Understand how your credit card works.  The average credit card debt for consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 is $2,000. Nearly 90 percent of student cardholders carry a balance from month to month, and fewer than 10 percent know their card’s interest rate or what the fees are for going over their limit or making late payments. Having a credit card during college is a great way to have easy access to cash for emergencies and to begin building up a credit history, which is very important for obtaining a mortgage or car loan.

However, students should make sure to read the fine print when they apply for a credit card. Knowing how much you’ll need to pay and when is critical to avoiding the slippery slope of making minimum payments. Always make the monthly payment on time and try to avoid keeping a balance on the card from month to month. One way to ensure you can pay off the full balance is to treat the credit card like it’s a check or debit card; only spend the money if you already have it in your account.

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Social Media Classes

I’ve unofficially proclaimed October as Social Media Month. During that month I’ll be teaching three social media classes as part of the UWMC Continuing Education program. October 2nd is email marketing for business, Oct 9, 16, 23 is Introduction to Social Media for Business, and October 30 is Advanced Social Media for Business. Details and registration information is on the UWMC Department of Continuing Education Site. 

Closing Thoughts

Our local business roundtable networking event is continuing to grow and evolve. This morning’s meeting brought in a batch of new faces and some familiar ones that that haven’t been around for several months for a total attendance of 27 people. Our next free networking event is Thursday, October 24th. If you’ve never been to one of our networking meetings, or haven’t returned in quite some time, you don’t know what you’re missing. Hope to see you next month.

Have a great week and keep it local my friends.