Bull-Falls-Brewery-Wausau-beer-in-cansWausau’s Bull Falls Brewery, a local favorite, has consistently put out top quality German and European style beers since they opened their doors in 2007. But until recently, the only way you could get a Bulls Falls beer was to stop out at the brewery’s tap room for a pint or growler, or find a limited selection at area taverns and restaurants. The brewery’s expansion has now solved that problem.

With their recent expansion almost complete, the Bull Falls Brewery now has the cability to can and distribute their beers to a wider market. 16 oz 4-packs of cans hit the area grocery stores on October 11, 2013 with an initial selection of their popular Five Star Ale, Holzhacker Lager, and their seasonal Oktoberfest. You’ll find Bull Falls at the following stores in the Wausau Area:

  • bull-falls-octoberfestCounty Market, Wausau
  • Trig’s Wausau
  • Pick N Save Rivers Edge, Wausau
  • Quality Foods IGA Wausau
  • Quality Foods IGA Rib Mountain
  • Quality Foods IGA Schofield
  • Pick N Save Weston
  • Pick N Save Cedar Creek, Rothschild
  • Town Line Market , Wausau

Reception of the beers has been enthusiastic. Stores still have plenty of Holzhacker and Five Star, but the Oktoberfest quickly flew off the shelves and was difficult to find by Saturday afternoon. As production and distribution ramps up, expect the supply to be more regular.

Why Cans?

Bull-Falls-Holzhacker-LagerAccording to the brewery, cans are light-weight, recyclable, and chill fast. Light also can destroy the taste of beer. The light-tight cans prevent the delicate aroma and taste of the beer to suffer. Pouring the beer into a glass will prevent any of the ‘metallic’ taste of the can to affect your beer experience.

I spent the weekend doing extensive sampling of both the Oktoberfest and Holzhacker Lager. I find the taste to be fresh, with no metallic taste; just like how’ll you find it at the tap room or poured from your growler. The 16 ounce cans pour a nice ‘glass and a half,’ perfect for relaxing after work or sharing with a partner. I think how the wine industry is moving to plastic corks and screw tops for for mid priced wines, you’ll see more breweries switching to cost effective cans for their product.