Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 7.37.01 AMSocial Media, if you are a business this concept should be a part of your marketing plans. But how does it work? How do you get started? Which social platforms are right for my business. Two classes offered by Michael Martens will point you on the path of success.

Social Media for Business, a two week introductory course offered by Michael Martens through the UWMC Continuing Education Program will answer those questions and put you on track to using social media to engage with customers and promote your business. Advanced Social Media for Business is a followup class for those experienced with the social channels and are looking for tips and techniques to utilize the technology at its fullest. Registration for the class is at the UWMC website.

In these courses you will learn:

  • The popular social media platforms that are available
  • How to set up Facebook Business Pages, track engagement through Facebook Insights, and launch a Facebook advertising campaign
  • How to create engagement and discussion in the social channels
  • What tools are available to effectively manage your social marketing efforts

The social scene is constantly changing so we’ll strive to offer the latest information and tips for success. What was working two years ago may no longer be the case. This will be a ‘hands-on’ class, so bring your own experiences and ideas to share. Plenty of time is allotted for question and discussion.


2 sessions, Wednesday February 5 & 12
6 – 8 PM Room 145
Instructor: Michael Martens
Fee: $39

We may use social media personally on a daily basis, but how can we use it in our business? Social media is a powerful tool that can help you connect and engage with your customers. Getting started is quick and easy and with a little effort, can pay off. This course will take you through the popular social media platforms and present methods on how your business can build your fan base and engage with your customers.

  • Learn how Facebook Business Pages work What should I post, and how do I foster user engagement How do I get more fans and followers
  • How do sites like Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Pinterist work, and do I need to follow them
  • Tracking social media’s return on investment (ROI)


1 sessions, Wednesday February 26
6 – 8 PM Room 145
Instructor: Michael Martens
Fee: $19

Are you currently using social media in your business and looking for that extra edge? This class help boost your efforts by integrating social media into your marketing plans and providing an exceptional social media experience to your followers.

  • Learn the latest trends and changes in the social media landscape
  • Fitting social media into your existing marketing plans
  • Creating a social media strategy that works
  • Using online tools to manage your social presence across multiple platforms
  • Creating advertising campaigns and Tracking social media’s return on investment (ROI)