Where does all the snow go?

I’ve got a problem, it is getting to the point were I don’t have any place to put the snow. Understandably I was quite concerned when the weatherman predicted 6-10 inches of heavy, wet snow for Thursday. But fortunately, as I write this, those predictions are shifting, and it appears that we will still get snow, just not the same amount that there are calling for.

With that being said, where does all the snow go. I drive down River drive and see the pile at the farmers market site get bigger, and bigger. Will it melt in time for the market to open? Will the vendors be building snow forts the opening weeks of the season? Can it all melt in time for next winter? Time will only tell.

Business Member News

Social media is a powerful tool for small and locally owned businesses to use to connect to their customers. In a recent study, 88% of businesses believe that social media will have an impact on their business but only 67% of businesses have some sort of social media footprint. But also reported is that many businesses are also overwhelmed with social media opportunities, and are not acting on the media’s true potential. RelyLocal Wausau brings the pieces together and helps businesses become more effective social media communicators. With the local business directory, Facebook page, blog, and email, we can promote your business and expose  it to a wider audience for a lower cost than traditional marketing methods.Contact us today to learn more

Jay’s Auto Repair

My good friends at Jay’s Auto Repair really helped me out this week. I brought the car in for simple maintenance and in the course of their courtesy vehicle inspection found a very serious problem. I was only one pothole away from catastrophic damage. I wasn’t too pleased that I had to do this repair so soon, but I am now back on the road with the knowledge that my car is good to go for the spring thaw. Long story short, go to Jay’s Auto and meet Chris Krueger, their new service advisor. Tell him Michael of RelyLocal sent you and he will give you an awesome deal on an oil change and the same courtesy inspection that saved my hide.Jay’s Auto Repair automotive service Wausau. . .

Verhasselt Home Repair

snow-covered-roofI talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but it bears repeating. With the rain and snow expected today, your home’s roof is going to take a beating. All that snow is going to absorb the liquid moisture and increase your snow load tremendously. Did you know that house roofs are now built to hold 40 pounds of weight per square foot. As the snow accumulates on your roof, how much snow is too much?

  • Fresh snow: 10-12 inches of new snow is equal to one inch of water , or about 5 lbs. per square foot.
  • Packed snow :3-5 inches of old snow is equal to one inch of water or about 5 lbs. per square foot.
  • Total accumulated weight: 2 feet of old snow and two feet of new snow could weigh as much as 60 lbs. per square foot.
  • Ice: one inch of ice is equal to 1 foot of fresh snow.

If you feel you have to much snow on your roof, use can use a roof rake and clear it yourself. Otherwise give Verhasselt Home Repair a call to have them shovel it off.

Loving Traditions Cakery

Last week was Valentine’s Day. Did your significant other pop the question. Do you know someone that just got engaged. Debbie at Loving Traditions Cakery is the Wausau area’s preferred wedding cake baker. Contact her today  to schedule a tasting or learn about the awesome cakes that she bakes. Loving Traditions, Wausau Wedding Cakes. . .

Wausau Fire Department

On Saturday, February 22nd, stating at 1:00pm, the Wausau Fire Department is hosting a free CPR awareness class at the Grand Theatre in Wausau.  No registration is necessary and the class is open to the public. You will learn about what to do in an emergent Come these vital lifesaving tools. This is an awareness level class only, so no certification will be given out.

River District Theatre

Convict Race 7717 medThis weekend and the next, the River District Theatre opens their 2104 season with the production, Convict Race: Lucasville. In the tradition of the play, The Exonerated, comes Convict Race: Lucasville. However, unlike the former death row prisoners in The Exonerated, the subjects of this play are still struggling against injustice and are still sentenced to be executed. It was written with the cooperation of the men who were sentenced to death for their alleged roles in the 1993 uprising that rocked the prison in Lucasville, Ohio. Backstage.com, New York City … “Both dramatically and societally, Lucasville honors its mission.” See it at their new venue: St Paul’s United Church of Christ in Downtown Wausau this Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Details and tickets for River District Theatre Wausau. . .

Deal-a-Rama Postcard

Our March Deal-a-Rama Postcard is starting to fill up. This 9×12 large, full color postcard goes to 5,000 homes in the Wausau, Rib Mountain, and Weston metro areas. The next card, to be mailed in mid march, will feature lawn, garden, and home improvement businesses. It’s been a long, hard winter and everyone is itching to work on on their homes. This is a great opportunity to get your message in front of homeowners looking for these services at a cost of about a nickel an impression. Learn more about the Deal-a-Rama.

Closing Thoughts

This issue marks the third anniversary of the weekly newsletter. It’s been a crazy ride putting together an issue just about every week. After 150 issues, you’d think I would run out of things to say. But I still end up finding something to say. I really appreciate everyone that reads and shares the letter. Be sure to spread the love, please share this newsletter with their friends.