Business-Expo-2014-1The highlight of the Wausau Region Chamber’s annual small business week is their Business Expo. This year was no exception with a sell-out show of 200 exhibitors attracting over a 1000 attendees from the Wausau area business community. The expo is a good barometer of our local economy; just talking to the attendees you could feel the forward energy and optimism. So despite the rainy weather of the day, there was plenty to do, see, and of course eat at the expo.

Please enjoy a small gallery of images taken at the show. If you didn’t attend, this is what you missed. Otherwise if you were at the expo, hopefully these pictures will be a reminder to follow up on those great business leads you collected.


Business-Expo-2014-11 Business-Expo-2014-10 Business-Expo-2014-9 Business-Expo-2014-8 Business-Expo-2014-7 Business-Expo-2014-6 Business-Expo-2014-5 Business-Expo-2014-4 Business-Expo-2014-3 Business-Expo-2014-2