Balloon-Rally-2014-Glow-finaleThe weather did not do any favors for this year’s Balloon Rally and Ribfest. Between the brisk winds and rainy skies, the balloons only managed one flight during the weekend. But despite the poor weather they did put on a good show, inflating and glowing the balloons both Thursday and Friday evening. Saturday morning was calm enough for the balloons to take off, but a warm inversion layer kept their altitude barely above the tree tops. I guess that’s part of the challenge of operating a balloon, always being at the mercy of mother nature.

Hats off to Wausau Events for putting together a great event this year, and here’s looking forward to next year’s Balloon Rally and Ribfest.



The wind was a challenge this year. Gusts would come up and nearly flatten the balloons as attempted to inflate them.



Giving the crowds a show of what the basket looks like and how much heat a burner really puts out.


Calm skies, albeit a bit cloudy on Saturday morning.


Not wanting to miss an opportunity to fly, balloons quickly too to the skies Saturday morning.


A warm air inversion layer kept the balloon’s altitude low, but their tree scraping journey was certainly a sight to see.