Take back the christmas holidayThe Christmas holidays got you down? Tired of searching and shopping for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for someone? It doesn’t have to be that hard. Take a deep breath, relax, use these ten tips to take back the holidays on your own terms.

  1. Hand made gifts. Are you artistic or creative? Give something made by hand, be it a knit scarf or framed art print, it’s a gift with a personal touch.
  2. Gift a service that you can do yourself. Offer to shovel snow, clean the house, or paint a room. Think of a service that you can provide that will enhance the life of the someone special you love.
  3. Gift services at locally owned businesses. Think gift certificates for massages, manicures, or pedicures.
  4. Gift a class together. Get creative, take a class. Local community colleges have courses that will enrich both yours and your friend or partner’s life.
  5. Gift a membership. Wine of the month club, anyone? How about a membership to a local fitness center.
  6. Donate in someone’s name. Make a contribution in their name to their favorite charity.
  7. Gift a meal at a locally owned restaurant. I know there’s a lot of holiday gorging going on this time of year, but a gift certificates to a local restaurant comes in really handy when then winter doldrums set in.
  8. Buy gifts from locally owned businesses. Local businesses often have special or unique items you may never find anywhere else. Plus the staff will give you the attention to help you pick out the perfect gift that you may never receive at the big box store.
  9. Buy from thrift shops, consignment stores, or used book/music stores. There is nothing wrong with buying second hand gifts. Antique, vintage and thrift shops have quality new and used one of a kind items that make great gifts.
  10. Use cash or debit cards, not credit. Credit cards cost local businesses money. Even using the credit option on your debit card has a higher transaction fee for the merchants. Cash and debit cards keep more money in the local business person’s pocket so they can continue to thrive.

relylocal sticker doorRelyLocal Wausau is your resource to find a great service, restaurant, store, or consignment shop for that perfect holiday gift. I know that I can accomplish all of my holiday shopping by just browsing through our list of business members. Be sure to look for the RelyLocal Wausau logo on the door of your favorite local business.

Do you have any tips on taking back the holidays? Share them in the comments below.