400 Block frosty christmas treeBundle up the kids and head outside this Friday and Saturday for a bevy of evening holiday parades. The weather promises to be cooperative, so it should be a great time to welcome Santa as he arrives in our area communities. Friday, December 5th at 6:30pm is the Wausau Event’s Holiday Parade, running from Marathon Park to downtown Wausau’s 400 Block, culminating with the lighting of the City’s Christmas tree on the 400 block. On Saturday December 6th at 6:00pm, do it all over again at the Mosinee Christmas Parade with a route that runs from the High School, to the city’s downtown area. Also on Saturday, starting at 7:30pm is one of the area’s most brightly lit and festive holiday parades: the 44th annual Abbotsford Christmas Parade. All of these parades are free, thanks to the support of area local businesses and community groups.

Local Business News

A recent Pew Internet Research Study, reported that 58% of Americans own a smart phone. Also, 34% of cell internet users go online using their phones, and not using some other device such as a laptop or desktop computer. A key trend for 2015 will be total mobile usability, that is, incorporating mobile into all areas of digital marketing: a fully responsive website, mobile ads, and separate content specifically for mobile website users. Businesses looking to capture the mobile marketplace need an integrated plan that addresses how mobile internet users search, socialize, and interact online. Do you have questions about mobile marketing and responsive websites? Wausau Interactive can help. Contact us today.

Christmas at the Houses


Yawkey-House-HolidayThe holiday season is filled with symbolism and traditions, many of which we just couldn’t imagine not having as part of the celebration. On Saturday, December 6 the Marathon County Historical Society takes visitors back through time to learn why one of Santa’s reindeers has a red nose, why fruitcakes appear on tables all across the area, and when stockings started being hung by the fireplace with care to be filled with wonderful surprises. See the historic Yawkey House decorated in period finery and bring the kids to meet Saint Nickolas in the Woodson History Center. More details on the Buy Local Wausau Blog. . .

Janke Book Store


10256640_630532923717740_8869501532594097750_oJanke Bookstore in Downtown Wausau features a unique selection of American made and printed holiday cards for you… now you just have to come up with some stories for your family letter. May we suggest you start with the sentence “It was a dark and stormy night….” Stop in today before they’re gone. . .

AbbyBank Producing Future Leaders Video Contest

AbbyBank Producing Future Leaders Video ContestHelp a local FBLA or DECA team win money to help with travel expenses for competitions. Vote for your favorite student video today! AbbyBank sponsors the Producing Future Leaders Video Competition for area high school students, whose short videos with financial literacy themes will be voted on by the public.Vote now for your favorite through 12/30/14.

Woodson Art Museum

Want to avoid the cold of standing out in the cold for Friday’s holiday parade? Head on over to the Woodson Art Museum for a lovely art & literature blend: Photography & Poetry reading and reception, Fri., Dec. 5, 5-7pm, @ the Woodson Art Museum. Wisconsin Poet Laureate Max Garland reads his work, followed by a creative-writing open mic. All are invited to listen, read their work, and stroll galleries.  More details. . .

Wings, A Grief Education Ministry

When the Holidays Hurt…you might want to come and find out some ways that you can rebuild a tradition or create a dream/plan to make it less stressful. We can’t take away all of your anxieties, but we can give you suggestions how to have a holiday without regrets. Sunday, Dec. 7th …2:00 p.m. Details on the Wings, Grief website. . . 

Northern Air Merchant Services

Have you ever asked anyone for advice about something? Has anyone ever said to you “let me give you some advice”? Have you ever given someone advice about something?

Good, bad or indifferent we seem to always listen, whether we want to or not, like it or not, or have our own opinion on the subject. I like to give advice! Sometimes I’m spot on, sometimes I don’t have a clue to what I’m talking about. But in either case my purpose is to spark thought, inspire and hopefully light a fire. Even if I’m wrong, maybe the opposite of my advice will uncover a solution to a problem you didn’t think of before. So I thought I would share some advice from time to time for the Buy Local Wausau Members. Don’t shoot me if you disagree or don’t like what I say. I just want to engage you as a way of thinking about solutions to your problems. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have a problem until someone sparks thought to get to the root of the problem. So it here it goes:

Business owners are busy, busy people. Time for the business, time  for family, time for vacation, time for Billy’s ball game, sometimes even time to eat. But believe it or not in my opinion the best way to juggle all this is EDUCATION. Education is a priceless asset in any business. Lack of education can cause you to stumble over dollars to pick up pennies. Whether you’re a lawyer or mechanic the right education plays a key role in your business success AND how much time you have outside the business. Take time to educate yourself on ways you can be more efficient at work and spend more precious time with your family. What’s dragging you down at work? Accounting, Employee scheduling, waste, over pours at the bar, tracking inventory? Educate yourself on the specific topic that’s taking up all your time and fix it!

Start here to provoke some thought, this vid is hilarious and spot on:
Rick Montgomery, Northern Air Merchant Services

Closing Thoughts

Interesting bit of history: December 5th marks the 80th anniversary when the 21st amendment was ratified, eliminating the end of the prohibition of alcohol manufacture and consumption. But in the State of Wisconsin, enforcement was lax and state laws passed in 1926 and 1929 weakened the 19th Amendment. Read more about the state’s unique place in the ‘Great Experiment’  on WPR’s Vintage Wisconsin.