2015 July Positive Pit Stop Web Res-4440Let’s face it, motivational speakers are a dime a dozen. Just about anyone with a compelling story of ‘rags to riches’ or ‘overcoming tragedy’ will hit the circuit in hopes to inspire all who will listen. Now I’m not knocking these speakers- many of them are excellent and their inspiration can be models for us to follow. But one group feels that motivation and inspiration can happen at the local level. This group: The Global Motivational Force International (GMFI), finds local success stories to present at their monthly events.

It all started with jumping out of an airplane. Back in 1990, Mark Nienow and his buddies were looking for adventure. Someone suggested skydiving. So they took a trip to an area parachute club and spent the weekend learning to skydive. As they took the training, they learned everything that could go wrong with the jump. The jump time approached, Mark stood, filled with fear, at the open door of the plane. No one is making him jump; he could back out at any time. In fact fear gripped him so much that he almost backed out. But when the jump master yelled ‘GET OUT’ for the third and final time, he mustered his courage; and jumped.

Mark Nienow, Founder of GMFI

Mark Nienow, Founder of GMFI

The important lesson Mark learned is that everyone needs a little push. That the purpose of the Global Motivational Force International (GMFI). GMFI creates an environment of success by fostering and encouraging personal drive and motivation. Most importantly it surrounds you with others wanting to succeed. The key difference with GMFI is that it is a local program. There are plenty of inspirational stories in our community that need to be told, like the entrepreneur that found personal as well as business success, or the community leader that followed a higher calling to inspire youth.

2015 June Pos Pit Stop Web Res-3879The common thread in these speakers is success comes from within, and GMFI nurtures that inner passion to succeed by providing inspirational success stories. You’ll also find that this success is necessarily money driven. But modeled by your action.

So if you want to take your growth to the next level, check out their meetings on the third Monday of the month, 5:45pm at NorthCentral Technical College’s Center for Business and Industry room 110. The first meeting is free and membership is affordable. Details are on the GMFI website. . .