5000-wausau-households-for-5-cents-impressionDirect Mail advertising still works!

The Local Deals Postcard is a cost effective way to make it work for you!

Direct Mail is still a great way to get your message out. Every household receives mail. Would you like to get your message to 5,000 local residents for about a nickel a piece? With RelyLocal’s Co-op Advertising package, that’s possible. Your ad will be on a large 9×12 inch postcard; the largest piece of paper that can be mailed. Your message is guaranteed to be read as their is no envelope to open. Every advertisement is in plain view on the jumbo two-sided card.

RelyLocal Wausau Deal-a-Rama Co-op Postcard

  • Lock out your competition: only one business category allowed on each card.
  • Limited number of ad slots: 15 total advertisers per card. 7 on each side.
  • Instant branded recognition with the RelyLocal Wausau name.
  • Cards are mailed to targeted, affluent neighborhoods interested in your message.
  • The card is so big, it can’t be missed. It becomes the outside wrapper for the rest of the mail.
  • Spaces are limited. Reserve yours today.
RelyLocal Deal-a-rama 9x12 co-op direct mail Postcard

Yes the cards are big, and they will fit in the mailbox


5,000+ homes in the Wausau, Rib Mountain & Weston Area

Target homeowners, families

Household income $75,000+

The RelyLocal Deal-a-Rama Postcard creates results!

The RelyLocal Wausau Postcard is unique, no other mailpiece like it is being sent out in the Wausau area. Advertisers on the card have seen positive benefits and have recouped their investment several times over. RelyLocal will consult with you to help create an advertisement and offer that generates results.

Advertisement Schedule:

The RelyLocal Wausau local deals postcard typically is mailed every 4-6 weeks to 5,000 homes in the Wausau, Weston, and Rib Mountain area. Our next postcards will be mailed on the following dates:

October 1, 2014 (deadline September 15, 2014) – Autumn, Holiday pre-season

November 17, 2014 (deadline October 31, 2014) – Shift your shopping, Holidays

January 17, 2015 (deadline December 29, 2014) – New Year, Health and Wellness


January-2013-postcard-back-with-prices20144×5.5 inches vertical (Up to 2 ad spots available): $490

4 x 2.5 inches horizontal (up to 8 ad spots available): $275

2.5 x 4 inches vertical (up to 4 ad spots available): $275

3 x 2.5 inches horizontal (up to 2 ad spots available): $250

4 x 1.5 inches vertical (up to 1 ad spot available): $200

No setup fees! No Design fees! No artwork fees! Don’t have an ad? We’ll create one for you.

Ad Specifications

We’ll design an ad for you if you don’t have one available. Otherwise please submit a 350dpi CMYK JPG, PDF, PSD, or INDD file.


This card needs to be seen to be believed. Call Michael at (715)203-1240 or use our contact form to receive more information and a free sample card. Or just call to reserve your spot today!